Our mission

Empower Community with the kingdom of God.

our vision

We see our ministry facilitating the release of kingdom resources into the earth.

We see winning thousands of souls to God through sharing his unconditional love.

We see our role as kingdom citizens; teaching others the life transforming word of God.

We see ourselves as a culturally and ethnically inclusive and diverse ministry of people.

We see ourselves as the Body of Christ impacting the world with the Gospel of  God's kingdom .

We see property that will serve to centralize a global ministry and facilitate.

We see a calling to empower community with kingdom resources that transform lives.

We see explosive praise and authentic worship of our God at Christian Celebration Center Church campuses.

We see a growing army of young leaders in the Wired Leadership Academy that will impact the world for Christ.

We see a biblically based, practically applied, spiritually empowered Life Training Institute that will train and coach people to impact the world for Christ.

Our purpose

Go out into community and GATHER them into GROUPS, teach them God's word and they will GROW and GIVE to the global community.